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Mega Drive

Information about the Mega Drive/Genesis console, its add-ons, peripherals, and software created for these systems.

Mega Drive Hardware

Information related to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console's hardware

Reverse Engineering

Notes from various reverse engineering projects


Emulashione is a multi-platform emulation framework focused on accuracy and portability.



Reverse Engineering

Documentation on the hardware, firmware, and Bluetooth protocol used by the Pax Era, Era Pro, and Pax 3 vaporizers by Pax Labs.



Information on the core emulation library, which implements plugin management, system handling and synchronization of multiple devices.

68000 CPU Board




Cards are interconnected via a simple backplane. It provides power, bus control signals, out of band signaling and support for per card audio outputs.

Protocol Overview

Reverse Engineering Pax

This is mostly based off of reading the slightly deobfuscated source code of the Pax WebApp and Bluetooth packet logs. All messages for controlling the device seem to go through a single service with UUID 8E320200-64D2-11E6-BDF4-0800200C9A66. Of interest is a...

Message Types

Reverse Engineering Pax

This is a list of all message types as extracted from the Pax mobile application. The names are identical to what the app calls them. Name Description ID Era Pax 3 Read Write Read Write ATTRIBUTE_ACTUAL_TEMP Actual temperature of t...

System Definitions

Emulashione Core

A system’s devices, busses, clock sources, and connections between all of these are defined in system definitions, human readable TOML structures. Most items defined in the definition have an associated name, specified in the name key. This name is unique to ...

Emulation Strategy

Emulashione Core

This page attempts to capture some of the ideas behind how the emulator is implemented, and how it in turn enables devices to be implemented to emulate actual hardware. Devices can be emulated in one of two major ways: either by having the emulation core step...


68komputer Backplane

Using 96 position (3x32) DIN 41612 connectors; right angle male on expansion cards, vertical female on the backplane side. The management card uses a 48 position (3x16) DIN 41612 (C2) right angle male connector, with the corresponding vertical female on the ba...

Rev1 Assembly Notes

68komputer 68000 CPU Board

Debug board F202 footprint appears to be too large for the fuse ordered (NANOSMDC050F/13.2-2) F201 is actually 1.1A, not 1.5A as the schematics indicate  Caps under Teensy (C316/C317) could use with being moved a bit U508/U509 package sucks ass C512/C51...